Green Spring Tennis and Educational Foundation

GSTEF Supports 8-Year-Old Sasha, from Russia, at Summer Camp

The GSRC Camp week of July 9th was very special.

The Stockdale family of Lutherville, whose son Alex is the GSRC TAG Program, is hosting an 8 year old girl from Russia. Sasha was allowed to come to the USA from an orphanage in Birobidjan, Russia as long as she was enrolled in a summer camp program.

The Green Spring Tennis and Educational Foundation was excited to be able to help by paying for the camp for Sasha and by providing a translator and tennis instructor for her. The foundation had received a donation in memory of Bennett J. Sukonick, the beloved father of Karen Williams who is a dedicated and loved tennis member of GSRC. This donation was used to pay for the week of camp for Sasha.

Sasha walked into GSRC on Monday morning with her hosts Ann and Dean Stocksdale. She was so cute and didn’t seem nervous at all for being in a strange place and didn’t speak the language. Friends of GSTEF Marina Peters and her mother Lilya Gelman were on hand to help translate for Sasha. They immediately bonded with this special little girl and helped her fit in on her first day of camp.

The next day we had Dima (Dmitry Chekhlatyy) a recent graduate of Morgan State, tennis pro, and a Russian citizen there to help teach and translate for Sasha. It turns out Dima’s Grandmother is from the town of Birobidjan. We hope she will be able to visit with Sahsa and help us stay in touch with her. Unfortunately, at this time Sasha cannot stay in in the USA and we are hoping that circumstances might be possible for her to come back and live with a loving family.

Sasha's week was filled with lots of fun memories. She really improved at tennis and made some very nice friends. The highlight of the week was when Sasha sang at the Friday Talent Show a song in Russian.

Click here to see photos from Sasha's week at camp.