Green Spring Tennis and Educational Foundation

GSTEF Minutes
Board of Directors Meeting

Federal paperwork for non-profit status

  • Paperwork at the state level has been completed
  • Federal paperwork is pending confirmation
    • IRS confirmation should be received in 90 days



  • What do we want in a GSTEF logo? The more information we give to the designer, the better.


New website

  • Will be done using Wordpress. We want it to be similar to a blog in order to promote more interaction with readers.
  • Can set us up with e-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) in the future


September 17th Fundraiser

  • Similar to the event held with Mats Wilander
  • In memory of Barbara Janoff

⁃    Will raise money for CTC

  • Fundraiser will provide scholarships for people who are chosen to attend CTC


CTC (Competitive Training Center)

Will include kids come from different cities

  • Designation awarded by USTA
  • 8-14 year old kids will come once a month, GSTEF will bring in trainers/guest



Relationship with Hopkins

  • We have a strong relationship with the athletic department at Hopkin
  • Hopkins is considering building 8 new tennis courts near Hopkins campus
  • Hopkins welcomes more involvement with the surrounding community. Great opportunity for GSTEF to bridge the gap.
    • We could have JHU students tutor, use classrooms for tutoring
    • Tennis courts will benefit Hopkins students, but how will it benefit community because students won't use courts all the time


Cockeysville Community Rec Center partnership

  • Senior center, grandparents bring their grandkids for Quickstart
  • Honeybees - kids for learning disabilities (autistic) - up to 18 years of age
  • GSTEF currently provides tennis education for Owing Mills High School kids
  • We’re also considering the possibility of getting involved with the Special Olympics?



  • Should we organize and run USTA tournaments through GSTEF?
  • By running tournaments through GSTEF, we can host tournaments in a wider variety of locations
  • We should do tournaments outside because most kids play tennis outside


Scholarships and Eligibility

  • Have to be careful of eligibility (e.g. NCAA eligilibty)
  • For acceptance into GSTEF Learning centers, if kids qualify for free lunch, they can qualify for scholarship
    • This way, parents don't have to give person financial numbers, or embarrassing tax information, just free lunch verification would be all we need
  • Tennis can initially cost people a lot of money (racquets, balls, and court fees), so most lower class kids will end up playing soccer because it's cheaper
  • When we bring in kids for Quickstart tennis lessons, have them come not just for tennis, but also for academic tutoring (long term goal)
  • But we have to take baby steps
    • Demographics - build good study habits first
    • Kids nowadays are missing basic study habits, so our tennis centers should primarily emphasize these skills initially
    • Athletics teaches you to budget your time (studying, practicing). Great for kids to be involved in a sport.


Qualified People Involved with GSTEF

  • Jeff - Outreach Program Coordinator
    • Works with honeybees
    • Ordained Lutheran minister (has counseling experience)
  • Chuck (who is also special needs educational teacher)
  • We should have people who teach public schools come teach for GSTEF (because they already have experience teaching kids). GSTEF already has a couple of tennis professionals who are involved with public schools (counselors, teachers, etc).


To do list:

  • Think about the logo
  • Work on the website
  • Complete federal paperwork
  • Set up bank account (but she needs non-profit number from federal government
  • Determine how we can fit in the needs of special kids throughout our programs.