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"It Takes a Team" September 10 & 11, 2016 Fundraiser - Captain Guidelines for TeamsTournament Registration, Scoring Format, and Official Rules

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Tournament Registration

Captains tell their team members to register and pay on

The tournament id code is 300080916

Captains can email Chris to check if all their team members have paid or if they want to add more players. Registration deadline is Tuesday, September 6, 2016. Draws will be posted on TennisLink  by noon, Thursday, September 8th.

All registered players are invited to “Raise a Racquet” Cocktail Party, Friday, September 9th at 7 pm.  Guests are invited at $10 each.

Scoring Format

First team to 8 games/no-add scoring

Overall Winners are determined by TOTAL GAMES WON – so each game matters!

In No-Add scoring at deuce the receiver chooses the side for the server to serve to in any game.

There are no tie-breakers.

In Mixed, the woman serves to the woman and the man serves to the man at deuce.

5 minute warm up for all matches will be strictly adhered to.

Guidelines for Captains

  1. Captains need to recruit USTA players for their teams and pick a division. There needs to be a minimum of 3 men and 3 women per team. It is advisable to have at least an additional 2 players per team since you will be playing at least 4 matches over 2 days and need a minimum of 3 men and 3 women at all matches.           5 courts consisting of 1 men and 1 women singles, 1 men and 1 women doubles and 1 mixed doubles will be played.  A player can play no more than 2 courts per match and if playing twice, one of the matches must be mixed.
  2. There are three divisions of play for teams:
  3. NTRP Men's & NTRP Women's Singles: 3.5, 4.0, 4.5
  4. NTRP Combined Men's & NTRP Combined Women's Doubles:7.0,8.0,9.0 (Total Combined)
  5. NTRP Combined Mixed Doubles: 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 (Total Combined)
  6. Captains need to email Chris Ioannou ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) the USTA GSTEF Coordinator the name of their team and all team members’ names. Captains need to indicate what division their team (7.0, 8.0, or 9.0) will be competing in.
  7. Captains can arrange a team practice at 40% off the normal court rates at GSRC. Call one week in advance and pay in full at the time of booking.

Official Rules

The tournament starts bright and early at 8:00 am on Saturday, September 10th. All teams are asked to be at Green Spring Racquet Club 1 hour prior to your scheduled match time.  Players may practice on courts early, but not before 7:00am.  All courts will be cleared at 7:40. Captains must go to the REGISTRATION TABLES FIRST to pick up clipboard with scorecards and coaching lanyard.  Be sure if you have a co-captain that their name is on the back.  There is only 1 person allowed to coach an entire match.  Once your team is set with registration, captains fill out the scorecards and submit them to the tournament desk no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled match.  Be sure all of your players are present and ready to go before submitting the line-up. Late line-ups will incur penalties:  5 minutes = loss of toss and one game, 10 minutes = loss of toss and two games.   Up to 15 minutes = loss of toss and three games.  15 minutes and over = loss of match. Once the tournament desk has both team’s scorecards, it will be transcribed onto the opposite scorecard and verified that players are not doubling up incorrectly.  The rule is if a player plays twice, the 2nd time must be Mixed Doubles.

  • If a team shows up without the minimum of six eligible players for the tournament, that team can compete but all scores will be null and void. No refunds will be issued.
  • Any match after the first one is played and then a team is short a player, the team is still eligible to play, but they must default the singles match.

After the match, team scores are tallied at the bottom of the scorecard and both captains sign the bottom of the “official” scorecard (tournament staff will tell you which one it is).  Both captains turn in their scorecard at the tournament desk.

Coaching is allowed starting with the 2nd changeover of each set.   Coaching shall be 90 seconds maximum and players are encouraged to bring their water with them while you talk to them.  Coaches may stay on the court but must be sitting on a bench. If coaching goes over the 90 second rule a warning will be issued. * After two warnings, no more coaching will be allowed for the rest of tournament. Coaches will be identified by wearing a lanyard, which will be given at check-in * A coach MUST wear the lanyard or you will not be allowed to coach.

USTA Officials will be on site throughout the weekend to help with any match play issues that may arise. We expect good sportsmanship at all times.  An official may over-rule a ball at any time.  Players must call out the score before serving each point loud enough so their opponent can hear.  If a player needs assistance, they must raise their racquet for an official. At no time should coaches yell out the score.  Team members are expected to be good sportsman by clapping for both sides and using encouraging words and not coaching words.  At the end of each match, players must shake hands.

AWARDS will be given after all scores are tallied.

GOOD LUCK to all teams!

And Have Fun!