Green Spring Tennis and Educational Foundation

USTA Adult 18 and Over Level League Procedures


Timed match scoring procedures &  Procedure for split matches:

a) Each individual league match has two hours to complete each position of play.

b)      If time runs out in the second set, the team ahead by 2 games wins that set.  If neither team is ahead in the second set by 2 games, the set does not count.  The first set winner wins the match.

c)       If time runs out in any Set Tie Break, it does not count regardless of the score.

d)      If an individual match is tied when time runs out (split sets and no Match Tie Break), a Match Tie Break shall be played out to its conclusion.

e)      If a Match Tie Break is in progress when time expires, the point in play shall be replayed and the Match Tie Break shall be played out to its conclusion.

f)       If time runs out in the first set, the match should continue, if possible, to conclusion of that first set.  Winner of the first set wins the match.  If a court is not available, the League Coordinator will reschedule the match.

g)      No rest is allowed between the second set and third set Match Tie Break; continuous play rule is in effect.  The team who received in the last full game shall serve first.

h)      There must be a winner for each individual match.

Who calls time? Team Captains or the team’s designated match temp-captain

Make-up Matches/Snow Plans:

a)       A team match or individual matches must be completed within 7 days of the originally    scheduled match unless further postponements are required.

b)      If the captains decide to schedule individual matches, the captains will exchange line-ups with phone numbers for each player on the day the original match was scheduled.  Home team captain names #1 doubles team first, visiting team captain then names #1 doubles team and #2 doubles team, alternating until line-ups are complete.  Once line-ups are exchanged, no substitutions can be made, except to substitute for injury or illness of a player.

c)       If captains and/or players can’t agree on a date for a team or individual match within 7 days of the original play date, the match is scheduled on a date given by the Local League Coordinator.

d)      In the event of inclement weather and Green Spring Racquet Club is closed, matches will be cancelled and rescheduled at a later date to be determined by the Local League Coordinator.

Specific club information/requirements:

Court Fees must be paid prior to each match.  Tennis balls will not be issued or play permitted until the fees are paid.

Match Play:
(1) GSTEF Home Team is responsible for securing the tennis balls for the match from the GSRC       front desk.  The home team will also make court assignments for individual matches.

Problem match:  If there is a problem on the court with outcalls or foot faults:

Before a player may call a foot fault on his opponent, he must first warn; then seek an official, and if no official is available (as is generally the case), he must seek an acceptable (by both) impartial third party to make such calls OR have both team Captains or team representative observe the match from a stationary position at the net post (a) they must be in DIRECT observation, and (b) don’t start wandering to baselines, etc. If both agree, out call correction stands.  If only one party agrees then player’s call stands.  Only if ALL these steps fail can the player himself then call a foot fault on his opponent.

Steps to follow:
1. complete
the match and if necessary file a Grievance.
2. If all else fails, stop the match, file a Grievance.  If you win the Grievance, the Committee may elect to award the match to you or direct other remedies.

Winner of each GSTEF league will advance to Regional Championships.

Directions to facilities

Players may be deleted from the roster by completing a Player Deletion Form and sending it to the League Coordinator Mae Nelson ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).  Completed forms may be emailed, preferred.  Player deletion will be effective when signed by the League Coordinator. fees are never refundable.  Section fees will be refunded if a league fails to materialize.

These Procedures are as enforceable as rules.

Updated by MN 2/ 26/15